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Our world is rapidly changing. This social bookmarking site is a complement to Partners in Protecting the Planet (PPP) which is an informal group of companies and businesses who want to do something for the environment.  We have all seen the growing and alarming effects worldwide of the changes in our weather patterns – inundations, mild winters, cold summers, worst storms, violent Tsunamis and the many other surprising variations that daily take us by surprise.  Add to that the largely misunderstood term ‘global warming’ and there are some people who are not convinced about it despite the evidence.

We welcome any and all pertinent contributions here.  Simply register, login and use the submit button whenever you find content that would be of interest to our readers.  Join us as a Partner in protecting the Planet – it’s FREE! and we will also give you a company personalised Tree Planting Pad the use of which means we will plant a tree every time someone from within or without your company  buys anything from the several hundred shops it serves as a directory.  Think of it as ‘Tree-back’ instead of ‘Cashback’.

The Green Organisation who promote best environment practice and issue Green Apple awards to businesses and companies annually are the leading partner in PPP and can help your business to grow and to be recognised as making a positive contribution to the environment. As a joining member your company will also be issued with a certificate and a handsome logo for its use in PR.

And we are delighted to tell you also that for those companies that care about the environment, their employees, their customers, you could win an International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award at the International CSR Awards held annually in London. Just click the link for more details.

So, as you can see, there’s a lot going on but there’s also a lot to be done. PPPpartners, working together with the United Nations sponsored Green Earth Appeal, a not-for-profit social enterprise who tirelessly work to change the lives of some of the planet’s poorest communities, will strive to inform, support and contribute to making our world a better place for everyone.

If you have an article you would like to contribute, please feel free to submit it to us for publication.

Thank you for your contribution and endeavours and let’s work together to be better informed and better informing.

More trees please!

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