Archbishop Vigano Speaks out to the Italian People – and the world – on Covid

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Well, when something like this happens you just know the devil is upon us and this great man, who has earlier discovered two Vatican scandals, now speaks out in support of the Italian people against the fraud and evil being perpetrated against the whole human family around the world and declares that the Roman Catholic hierachy from the top down have been infiltrated by the devil himself. I agree. There is, according to the prophesies of St. Malachy, only one more Pope. I can now see why.

There has been censored English subtitle text which is delievered hereunder.,

15:1416:25 – We don’t have a Pope who will defend those who do not want to have the experimental gene serum. Nor bishops who will raise their voices to condemn the use of aborted fetuses to produce these so-called vaccines. On the contrary the shepherds kick us out of churches if we don’t have the Green Pass. They remove the priest who does not yield to the pandemic delirium, and in the Vatican the employees of the Holy See are fired, including the Swiss guards who refuse to get branded by rejecting the diktat of a courtly hierarchy of the New World Order. I express here my total solidarity with priests outlawed by their bishops, and with the former Swiss Guards; in particular to Pierre-AndrĂ© Udressy, who had the courage to publicly denounce the abuses he suffered by the Vatican authorities.

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