Antartic Meltdown – Ice wall 225sq.miles breakaway

Antartic Meltdown – Ice wall 225sq.miles breakaway

Expected to raise sea-levels by 4ft. when it melts, a highly important glacier in Antarctica, the Pine Island Glacier, was found to be melting from inside out, which suggests that the ocean is weakening ice on the continental edges. The glacier is part of the ice shelf binding the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and is one of the most likely shelves to go through a massive retreat.

The immediate consequence of its melting would be flooding the coastlines across the globe. The study of this phenomenon was published on Nov. 19 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters and brings evidence to the idea that a rift formed at the base of the ice shelf approximately 20 miles inland in 2013.

The Antarctic Meltdown

The rift set the iceberg adrift in July and……