It’s Hot – Really Hot! Is It Climate Change?

It’s Hot – Really Hot! Is It Climate Change?

TEMPERATURES this summer are soaring across the globe. A heat wave, aptly named Lucifer, has brought scorching temperatures of over 100°F to southern Europe.

#Wildfires have been sparked in Portugal, France and Greece, resulting in several deaths. Industries such as tourism, agriculture, as well as public transport services, have all been negatively affected. Emergency alert warnings of the high temperatures have been issued in several European countries. In the Pacific Northwest of the United States, unusually high temperatures peaked at over 100°F, with temperatures being recorded in cities such as Seattle and Portland of 104°F and 107°F respectfully. Earlier this year in April, a severe heat wave hit Pakistan, causing temperatures to soar over 120°F. Here at home, it has been an unseasonably hot summer, with temperatures regularly reaching over 90°F. Higher than average air and sea surface temperatures do not bode well for the upcoming hurricane season.

By Lisa Benjamin and Adelle Thomas for Tribune242



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