Joe Rogan Interviews Dr. Robert Malone mRNA

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Covid-19 has been the most idiotic dramatic international human reaction to a man-made virus. I call it, The Great Con!  For example, Big Pharma pays hospitals who detect a patient’s death more often with as well as ‘of’ Covid-19. Many are also paid a lower sum where death does not occur. Using the discredited PCR testing on swabs of anything over 20 cycles – and 45 is often the case – they can claim a patient has the virus and BINGO they’re in the money!
Here Dr. Robert Malone producer of the mRNA is being interviewed in-depth by Joe Rogan. He has been silenced by YouTubbe, Twitter and earlier by Linked-In.
Here is on an open source presenter ODYSEE Joe Rogan’s MOST EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PODCAST… in History?
Before that, let me draw an vitally important statement by Dr. Malone that refers to the US government behaviour in the face of Covid but actually is true for the world.
He says:

Our government is out of control on this and they are lawless.
They completely disregard bio-ethics.
They completely disregard the Federal common rule.
Thay have broken all the rules that I know, that I have been traine on for years and years and years.
These mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal.
They are are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremburg Code.
They are explicitly inconsistent with the Belmont Report.
They are flat out illegal and they don’t care.