We are doomed

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As with the Titanic when it sailed off into the Atlatnic for the first and last time, the human race is now launched into its own sea of woes and cannot be protected from its doom. Computers or rather ‘robots’ are now on our doorsteps and will enable themselves to truly outperform human beings. Indeed, it is more than likely that even one robot will have more thinking power than all mankind put together. There is no one in charge to control this eventually happening and, with it, we will be to the robots what Cattle, Sheep and Pigs are to us, except they will not feed off us and see us as an unnecessary but familiar amusement and, at their whim, will eradicate us. This is a certainty not a prognostication.  Evil will use these robots just as good people will make other robots that are good but evil will win the day because evil has the advantage of pretending to be good to be evil whereas good can never be evil. Civilisation, as we know it, is ending and we will be mastered by robots in the hands of madmen.

We are doomed.