Richaed Vobes conducts an interview with an expert…. 5G radiation is a health worry from the equipment located on masts erected across the country. Researcher, Ian Jarvis joins me to explain that some of the [More]
This brilliant exposé of where we are at after one short year, now in 11 Feb 2024 Undetectable AI, Sam Altman, Atlas Robot, Apple AI. Visit Ground News to compare news coverage, spot media [More]
The excellent Dr. John Campbell, in shock, interviewed one of the most intelligent men in Britain today, the Funeral Director, Mr John O’Looney, who bravely describes wjhat he’s been findin in so many dead people [More]
Absolutely exceelent Redacted interviewed reknowned Ivor Cummings on Ireland et al re the powers that be using Climate Change as the excuse to inflame the farmers of Europe and Ireland’s position.    • REDACTED RECOMMENDS   The farmer protests [More]
Think your phone is what you’ve been told or you think? See this and think again. Great exposé of the power of your SIM. Life changing knowledge.
John Rogers leads us around Fleet Street with a walking tour – one of the most famous streets in London. This continues his series on the Churches of the City of London. I can’t recommend [More]
Time you woke up as to why the UK and indeed the world is uder the yoke of ‘The Coporation” which has in the last 30-40nyears subverted your rights by subterfusion over being a FREE [More]
The brilliant Richard Vobes – “The answer is in our hands. I speak with William Keyte about the UK Constitution and how, together, the people of this great nation, can change our destiny.”
It’s time the West woke up. There can be no integration into western society by muslims – only expansionism to the point of takeoover. In the mmain they can’t integrate with their host society – [More]