Challenging the Pandemic Treaty: Andrew Bridgen Speech at EU Parliament 04.07.23

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) are attempting to subvert democracy after Covid by initiating a Treaty they want signed by every country to give them the power over each country’s authority on medical issues particularly related to pandemics or diseases. This is wholly unacceptable and all the more so since their pitiful response to the fake Covid-19 Pandemic which has resulted so far today with no less (and still growing) 5,104,638 separate Adverse Reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines that they approved. This record is THEIR record held on THEIR database at Upsala in Sweden and is available to be viewed at Note: these are one-off records of incidents as all duplications are stripped out by Algorythms.

Andrew Bridgen MP by his honesty and effort appears to be the only British MP will to stand up againgst tyranny. You will find the link to the Council on this link to Andrew’s brilliant warning at the very dangerous position we  – and democracy – are now facing.