Richaed Vobes conducts an interview with an expert…. 5G radiation is a health worry from the equipment located on masts erected across the country. Researcher, Ian Jarvis joins me to explain that some of the [More]
Time you woke up as to why the UK and indeed the world is uder the yoke of ‘The Coporation” which has in the last 30-40nyears subverted your rights by subterfusion over being a FREE [More]
The brilliant Richard Vobes – “The answer is in our hands. I speak with William Keyte about the UK Constitution and how, together, the people of this great nation, can change our destiny.”
It’s time the West woke up. There can be no integration into western society by muslims – only expansionism to the point of takeoover. In the mmain they can’t integrate with their host society – [More]
Only one word to describe such wealth – extraordinary
Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) Captured at Jordan Peterson’s ARC 2023, Konstantin Kisin gives a powerful synopsis on the state of the world and pushes a POSITIVE vision of the future. “There are some people [More]
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Richard Vobes delivers the best speech I’ve ever heard about ” the new normal” and it contains information you would be well advised to to apprise yourself with.
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From All Uncovered on YouTube this expectation of the effects of Ai on the human race.