Liar Mayor Khan-T + ULEZ caught out spectacularly here

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ULEZ Air Quality Pt2: Dangerous Pollution in London! Shocking Results Planes, Trains & Automobiles!

This is Part 2 by the BrownCarGuy. It is excellent. The first one exposed the fraud perpetraated against London but now in Part 2 he shows how it is being made even worse by the false justification by the Mayor of Londonistan (Mayor Khan-t) and his TFL (Transport for London) people intent against the will of the people to introduce ULEZ in outer London. It is disgraceful the lies this group have made and the BrownCarGuy proves it.  So, what is it’s purpose if, as he proves, the only danger to health is not overground as the Mayor and LTR claim but UNDERGROUND and the publick trains!!!

THis must be brought to the attention of LAW MAKERS and disposed of as quickly – quicker please – than the Mayor himself. It’s a travesty of the most grave importance for the lying they have done.


p.s. The machine he used is top quality and from an international standard issuer called ELITECH TEMTOP LKC-1000S and he gives a link with a discount to it if you want to get one