First Living Robot

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Phew! And it’s only 2022. The recent discovery of a delivery system called Crispr (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) has made the impossible possible. In November 2018, reports surfaced that Crispr was used to alter the DNA of twin girls born in China. It marked the first time in history that humans edited the genetic code of a future generation.

At it’s heart Crisp is simply a ‘cut and paste’ tool for delivery of code exchanges as our DNA is like computer code. It has great and God-like potential for doing good but therein lies the rub – what human being can ever be trusted to be God-like and good?Money and power, the twin evils that traverse the human mind will always trump the best traversing of Crispr and we now face a hell.

Unfortunatately, as in Bill Gates, when you have more money and power than governments and countries, you have nothing else to do except fill in your time with joyous, uncontrollable, megalomania to the detriment of all.