Ivermectin – Cheap, Proven and Effective

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It has long been hailed and even more so since the use by good doctors facing the unknown of Covid-19 at the outset who were thing and caring about their patients and in the face of death for some patients would try anythin and discover the miracle cure and restorative power of this wonderdrug – IVERMECTIN. He is a video suggesting it may have been of help to some Cancer patients too as in this gentlemen’s statement:
“I have cancer. I’ve been taking fenbendazole for six months (since my diagnosis) and I just bought four tubes of horse deworming ivermectin. My prognosis was dire so I decided to go it alone. I have rejected the protocol suggested by the specialists at the breast clinic and I’ve had six great months of life which would have been spent in chemo, surgery, and radiation. I feel fine, my tumour hasn’t grown, and I’m glad I made the choice I did. But that’s just me.” (Bddy Dib Dab)