Dr Rashid A Battar interview with Patrick Bet David

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Knockout – the whole 9 yards. This long interview with a highly educated doctor in the field of medicine reveals a lot about what is going on. He, like so many, are largely ignored by the mainstream mouthpiece for the hidden agenda media. How long can the majority of people remain in ignorance I don’t know but this interview if you take the time to watch it all will waken you up.

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar has a virtual sit down with Patrick Bet-David. Ask Dr. Buttar on his site and get all videos https://bit.ly/3bPykHS Subscribe to Dr. Buttar’s channel https://bit.ly/3bOkvcF

What he says is truly quite astonishing and verifiable and in common with other countries. My hope for dealing with the coronavirous outbreak and exposing it it for how it really came to pass and how it’s been manufactured into a pandemic has always been Ametrica. The USA constitution is the only real defence we have against the dark side who are constantly working against us to take over. As long as the constitution remains intact, the human race has a window of escape and safety.

Despite the murder of JFK, which the powers that be got away with; despite the fundamental truth about what happened on 9/11 and which flies in the face of common sense, being suppressed; and despite the best efforts of the dark side to destroy Trump’s attempt to get drain the swamp and clearly being unable to do so, I believe in him and I believe in the United States of America saving us by the constitution which protects us all. Long may it remain so.