Dutch Farmers Protests

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This video explains very well the claims of the Dutch government’s need since 2019 to reduce nitrogen emissions and the need to close down most of its farming which has been the essence of the Holland economy. The farmers are in uproar at the loss of their livilhoods and are vigorous in their protests.

This important comment was made by one, Ricardo Bloom –
I’m from the Netherlands and here’s a bit of extra context: in 2015 a member of the coalition (Henk Bleker) proposed a new law (PAS – Program handling nitrogen) which basically said the government and all the companies in Holland (farmers, construction, ect.) did not have to think about nitrogen emissions, as long as the government could promise to compensate in the future. A lot of advisory committees warned that this was an idiotic proposal, but the government did it anyway. In 2019 the council of state (the one headed by our king) ruled that most of the planned projects couldn’t be executed, because the nitrogen emission has already been expelled in the years prior. That’s why the farmers (and constructers) protested back in 2019. Then indeed covid happened and the country had a bunch of bigger problems. As for my personal opinion: this all leads back to the clearly imbicile plan from Henk Bleker. If the government sat down with the farmers and constructers back in 2015, we could’ve had a shot at gradually lowering our emissions.”