The Ivermectin Story

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Provided by Norbert Szolnocky on Vimeo, this is the fantastic story of one of the greatest drugs ever created – Ivermectin.

Vimeo also includes the following important information:

This video contains ALL factual information, sourced and verifiable, about the FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin and its use for COVID-19 treatment.
Ivermectin is NOT officially approved by the FDA as a COVID-19 treatment in the United States, nor by the EMA in the European Union. It is approved and used in several other countries around the world. The NIH (National Institute of Health) in the US takes a neutral stand, “neither for nor against” using it for COVID-19 treatment. In the United States Ivermectin can be used as an off-label drug prescribed by a licensed physician.

Nothing in this video is intended as a medical advice, only as an information. For all medical advice and treatment, you should consult your own physician.

The Ivermectin Story – Part 2:

RESOURCES mentioned in or connected to this video:

* Monash in vitro study

* Ivermectin prophylaxis and covid rates in Africa study

* Dr Rajter’s early experience with ivermectin and covid

* Toronto nursing home story

* FLCCC (Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance) website:

* Uttar Pradesh covid stats

* Ivermectin safety study (safe even in high doses, 10x approved)

* Facts and Q&A about Ivermectin:

– Three connected websites about Ivermectin, maintained by scientists and researchers (numbers as of 03/31/2021):
1. All the publicly available completed scientific studies, listed in details – so far 80 studies:
2. The real-time meta-analysis of all the studies using controls (OS – observational studies, és RCT – randomized controlled trials) – so far 48 studies:
3. Global Ivermectin adoption status for COVID-19 by countries:

FURTHER INFORMATION on the concerted effort to suppress the information on Ivermectin:
– NIH negative Ivermectin view – issues:

– The concerted push to smear Ivermectin by threatened special interest:

Two other good articles about the real facts on Ivermectin and why it’s being censored:
– Dr. Kory’s article on RealClear Politics:
– Why Isn’t Ivermectin Being Widely Researched and Utilized?

– Problems with the Soto Becerra study (the only study showing negative Ivermectin effects, yet cited by NIH and others to reject Ivermectin)

The Ivermectin Story – Part 2:

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