World Map Inaccurate

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When I was a boy growing up in the 1950’s and ’60’s we had a paper atlas with the maps of countries of the world in it. Our headmaster, an elderly gentleman, took our geography class one day and on entering told the class to open their atlas ‘s at a certain page on which there was a map of some country I don’t remember anymore. He asked one of the boys to stand up and read out the population of that country as stated underneath it. Needless to say it drew a question in all minds of how accurate and when he was given the figure, he turned perplectic and enraged threw a piece of chalk he was holding to write it on the board at the poor reader calling out the number. He exclaimed the figure to be absolute nonsense and then went on to say so was the map! In that single moment, he had changed my life into one of questioning and observation.  All we were taught in school and even today but to a lesser extent thanks to the WWW we are being misinformed all the time.

The world map is rubbish. This video explains it well.